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Defend the weak and the fatherless: uphold the cause of the poor and oppressed. Psalm 82:3 (NIV)


We Support The Needy Today,
Northern Sierra Leone

The Needy Today is a fully registered Local Non-governmental organization that has its head office in Magbenteh Makeni, Northern Sierra Leone and its sub-office at 53 Bai Bureh Road Freetown. The organization started in 2005 by Mr. Dauda Ahmid Koroma who is the founder and Executive Director and some other young Sierra Leoneans with the motive of initially providing support to children that were greatly devastated by the eleven-year civil war. Their Support to these children ranged from quality education, provision of quality care support including food, health care facility and foster care adoption.

Since their inception, they have so far supported 1,815 children in 98 communities within Bombali, Port Loko and Koinadugu districts.

Since then their mandate has opened considerably as they also now address issues relating to youth and women empowerment, support to disabled persons and support to Ebola persons off late. More specifically, their assistance to these needy categories of people ranges from Education/skills training, agriculture, microfinance/grants, entrepreneurship training, food, quality health care, and sanitation and clothes/wears.

So far they have been able to meaningfully support 962 youths, 413 deprived women and 550 disabled persons. Through their initiatives, they have helped changed the miserable lives of these people and are coping glaringly well with their families.

They would have gone beyond their present operational areas but limited resources have curtailed them so far. Actually there are many more in need of support and they hope to reach them once they access the available funds/materials.

Target Beneficiaries

Presently they provide support to:

  • Orphans and other less privileged children
  • Deprived women
  • Disabled persons
  • Needy youths
  • Ebola affected people

Organizational Aim

Their aim is to provide assistance to people in deplorable conditions with life changing strategies that would better enhance them overcome those challenges more effectively.

Core Value

Based on solid note, their organization is passionate and remains committed to the fact that irrespective of whatever background, every human being must be given equal chance with available opportunities to realize a decent life that would make them useful in their communities. Therefore, they would always readily partner with those that see the need.

Mission Statement

Based on the present challenges faced by the world’s poorest people more especially in Sierra Leone (our target), our overall purpose therefore is to always seek lasting solutions in helping deplorable people achieve a brighter future.

Operational Areas

Presently they are operating in 3 districts in 98 communities within Bombali, Port Loko and Koinadugu districts, northern Sierra Leone.

Future Plans

  • Extend to more communities reaching out to more beneficiaries
  • Build their own schools and vocational training facilities to enhance education/skills training development
  • Build orphanage and recreational facilities for the children they support.
  • Extend practical development in agriculture for youths and women with improving techniques.


Magbenteh Makeni, Northern Sierra Leone
53 Bai Bureh Road Freetown