child hope worldwide, tom murphy

Tom Murphy, President & Founder
Child Hope Worldwide, Inc.

All children have a basic need for parental love and care.

It was in 2006 when I saw a newsletter from an orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti, featuring the story and picture of a Haitian boy that moved me to the core of my being. After reading a descriptive account of the plight of innocent children abandoned on the street, I couldn’t imagine what it must be like to have no one who loves and cares for you at such a young age.

I spoke to my wife, Pat, about the young Haitian boy from the newsletter who found loving care at an orphanage in Port au Prince and my sorrow to learn of the hundreds of children who
remain alone wandering the dangerous streets of Port au Prince.

Soon, in 2007, Pat and I were on our way to Port au Prince, Haiti to visit the orphanage. Driving through the center of the city we could not believe what we were witnessing. Chaos and poverty abounded with crowded filthy streets lined with Haitians selling anything they could possibly sell. Young children, dirty, dressed in torn soiled clothing, swarmed around our car begging.

As we arrived at the orphanage we were greeted by joyful, well-dressed children. The contrast between those kids from the streets and these happy children from the orphanage remains indelibly on my mind.

There was an instant bond between the orphanage founders and us. One of the highlights while at the orphanage was participating with the kids in daily prayer before school and hearing them sing songs of thanksgiving in Creole.

While we were staying in Haiti and interacting at the orphanage, we became close to three boys, James, Alex and JoJo who were aging out of the home. At the time there were no programs to equip these boys with job skills or a place to live during the transition. We decided to pursue adoption, however, we learned that it was practically impossible to bring children out of Haiti except for a student visa. We learned the boys could come provided we had the means to take care of them and they were enrolled in a school approved by the US State Department. I began to research schools and found one that the embassy approved. Soon, James, Alex and JoJo were boarding a flight with us to New York and that evening the five of us stood in front of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. The following day, at our home in Pennsylvania, it snowed, a first for these boys.

As of this writing, our boys all have made fulfilling lives for themselves. They have families of their own and good jobs. My wife, Pat, went to be with the lord in 2018. Since then, I have created the nonprofit, Child Hope Worldwide Inc. to fight global poverty and illiteracy. Our goal is to reach as many children as possible with food, a secure home environment, education, job skills and the hope of a bright future.

Please consider joining us in giving poverty-stricken children, a safe place to grow and a future full of hope. Thank you!

C. Thomas Murphy, President
Child Hope Worldwide Inc