We Dig Wells

Clean water is a precious commodity in a poverty-stricken country. Residents sometimes walk 10 kilometers for water with no guarantee that it is safe to drink. Frequent droughts enhance the problem as people remain at the mercy of climate conditions. At Child Hope Worldwide, we provide funds to dig wells in third world countries. We work with qualified companies to provide clean, safe drinking water to thousands of people.

Each well costs $10,000 and gives safe drinking water to hundreds of families.

We Build Ponds

Being self-sustaining in a third world country is not only important, it is often a necessity. Given adequate funding, African people are ready and willing to build efficient facilities for survival. At Child Hope Worldwide, we provide funds to build fish ponds in Africa. Ponds are an effective way to provide food for hundreds of people. They are relatively simple to construct and easy to maintain.

Each pond costs $6000 to build and stock and provides fish for hundreds of families.

We Build Schools

Knowledge is Power and educating the youth in a third-world country brings hope for a prosperous and productive future. The larger percentage of children in third world countries do not attend school. School facilities, no matter how simple, are attainable in these countries with proper funding.

Each school costs $10,000 to $25,000 a year for facility costs, teacher salaries and materials.