We Support The Less on Ourselves More on Others Foundation,
Lundazi District of the Republic of Zambia

Less on Ourselves More on Others is a mission in the Lundazi District of the Republic of Zambia, Africa.  Director Patrick Gondwe works tirelessly with his people to maintain a life of survival in this difficult country.

Less On Our Selves More On Others foundation (LOMO) was set up in order to provide a conducive environment for sustainable child development. The organization will have a holistic integrated child development programs that will assist the children and youths in life to develop into responsible citizens and grow up in a Godly manner. It will create a platform that shall promote equity and equality when it comes to issues of accessibility to education, technology, information, health and other resources that will contribute to their development.

The organization shall to a great deal empower children and youth in accessing quality education, quality health services, and access information on HIV/AIDS, STIs, maternal health/nutrition, cervical cancer, male circumcision, corruption, gender, environmental issues, and human rights. It is because of the above-captioned reasons that have necessitated the establishment of the entity called; “LESS ON OUR SELVES MORE ON OTHERS FOUNDATION that shall endeavor to address the issues in a participatory approach and inclusive manner.



To integrate and mainstream rural children and youths in national developmental issues, that is also on global agenda by equipping them with the necessary education and survival skills. To translate the lines of marginalized people especially the ones who have lost their dear ones and have no one to take care of them.


A rural-based organization where children and youths are equipped with sustainable developmental tools that will contribute to national development.


“Less On Ourselves More On Others”


Equality for all: God made all people equal; our organization is committed to a development process that promotes equality, Teamwork, transparency, accountability, honesty, consultative, hard-work and target-orientated. Rights and dignity for all: the foundation believes in and strives to uphold the rights and dignity of all people especially in the rural communities.

Stewardship: Less On Ourselves More On Others believes in God to protect the dignity of everybody to exploit the Earthy goods in accordance with God’s Law and individual order.

Institutional partnership in development: less on ourselves foundation welcomes and respects ongoing International initiatives and national policies to take care and give support to vulnerable children and disadvantaged people fight poverty, ignorance and diseases such as STDs diseases and AIDS.  Our activities will be unison and collaboration with other stakeholders.


Current Water Source.


Building Construction


Less on ourselves more on others Foundation Plan for the Enhancement of Education in Lundazi, Chasefu and Lumezi districts, and the DACA call for national solidarity, appreciation of cultural diversity, and the reinforcing of values that emphasize freedom, democracy and non-violence through both formal and non-formal channels of education. In line with this, DEBs will disseminate the word and spirit of the and facilitate complying with its provisions as related to education. This process will aim at arriving at child-friendly schools and education where the human dignity of the child is respected and where his rights in relation to education are put on the political agenda of educators and decision-makers. Accordingly, DEBs will reach the children themselves, their parents, their teachers and their caregivers, in addition to preparing the right environment for the practice of the mentors, while sensitizing decision-makers and the public at large. In this connection, appropriate orientation material will be produced in addition to developing the right teaching/ learning activity modules that will facilitate the understanding and practice of these rights.


The philosophy and experience of is based on the reality that every human being is a unique individual and that we all have a right to good health and basic needs and should access means to a comfortable life in one way or another.


Less on ourselves more on others foundation has a very strong goal of improving the quality of life of the vulnerable children and orphans through providing education, giving care, love, and support. Additionally, it promotes the empowerment of rural Community people in various areas affecting humanity.


This program is already running in Lundazi Community but some children are living in abject poverty. The focus of Less on ourselves more on others foundation now is to help them with their school support books, feeding, school fees/uniforms and other logistics. The reason as to why the organization is asking for support for the disadvantaged and poor children is; the problem we are facing when these children are getting their needs as a result of poverty of the primary caregivers/guardians/parents. The situation is more serious in the case of a double orphan, child-headed household, PLWHAs headed household, widow and widower headed household where the children become miserable in their life.


The purpose of this program is to reduce the suffering of orphans and vulnerable children, build their capacity through giving them love, care, education and simple activities to do so that they become productive in the society.


Needs and Projects:

$25 monthly pledges for operational costs including food, clothing and shelter for their children.
$5000 for a pond to grow fish for food.


Plot 1051 Mayard Compound , Lundazi, Africa

+260 975 691 925