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Defend the weak and the fatherless: uphold the cause of the poor and oppressed. Psalm 82:3 (NIV)


a million in 20, child hope worldwide

Help us reach our goal of $1,000,000 in 20 months for Child Hope Worldwide Inc.  We rescue abandoned children, give them a secure home and train them in a vocation to become productive members of Haitian Society.  

We Give Hope to the Hopeless.



Expand our current orphanage capacity from 25 to a minimum of 100 children

We currently rent a 5 bedroom house in Port au Prince that houses 24 children, 2 full-time staff plus cooks, a laundress and day and night guards.  There are several vacant houses in our neighborhood of Delmas 75 which are available for orphanage expansion. We have additional staff waiting to be called to service to maintain new orphanages.  We will increase our budget to include additional houses and staff to accommodate more children.

Establish a permanent home for our schools, True Hope Academy and Patricia Murphy English school

Our schools, True Hope Academy and Patricia Murphy English School, currently meet in small structures in the back yard of the orphanage.  Each of these 3 rooms can accommodate about 8 students. We want to expand our education opportunities to children outside our orphanage and need a larger, more permanent facility.  We will lease or buy a commercial space and construct an accredited school for our students.

Current rooms for the True Hope Academy and Patricia Murphy English School
Current rooms for the True Hope Academy and Patricia Murphy English School

Expand our vocation program giving our graduates an opportunity for employment through trade training.

One of our biggest challenges is vocational training for our older orphans.  Legally, an orphan must leave the orphanage at age 18. But where do they go?  We know of harrowing stories of young girls having no home being forced to the streets of Haiti and the Dominican Republic to sell their bodies for food.


Child Hope Worldwide, Inc. is registered as a 501(3)(C) non-profit corporation.  All donations to Child Hope Worldwide, Inc. are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Child Hope Worldwide, Inc's tax identification number is 83-1809677.


As an extension of Career Hope Initiative, we will establish and operate a vocational school with training in cosmetology, computer science and the construction trades.  Upon graduation from our vocation program, we will assist in finding our student employment in Haiti. We also plan to explore setting up our own businesses to employ our graduates.  The establishment of an upscale beauty salon, Belle Dame, is in the works and we plan to hire, at least, two of our graduates in early 2020.

Ensure the future and long-term growth of Child Hope Worldwide Inc in Haiti

We will seek US investment opportunities to ensure the future of CHWW.  We will continue to pursue qualified and committed individuals to participate in our ministry and guide us through a productive and successful future.

We invite you to join us on this incredible journey and give, a part of that which has been given to you, to save young lives.

“If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity on them, how can the love of God be in that person?
Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”
I John 3:17-18