US State Dept has given Haiti a Level 4 travel advisory which means “do not travel” to Haiti.  Americans are told the Embassy cannot offer full protection if they travel to Haiti.

Reasons include the Coronavirus, civil unrest and kidnappings.  Kidnappings are of special concern.  Gangs will block a street with burning tires and kidnap anyone they think has any worth.  They look for more expensive cars and white males and females.

I recently relayed the story of the 7 year old boy kidnapped in Cite Soleil.  The gang demanded a $2500 ransom.  The family was able to raise $1100 through a local radio station and the additional funds from friends.  When an uncle of the boy met with the kidnappers with the ransom money, the boy was released but the uncle was murdered by the gang members.

The Haitian police force is ill equipped to deal with corruption and violence in the country. They are small and under paid.  Once again, the finger points back to the leaders of Haiti and corruption.  Haiti will never change until they have honest, effective government leaders.

Our efforts continue to rescue and protect the children and young people in Port au Prince.  We can solve Haiti’s problems but we can save “one child at a time”.

C Thomas W Murphy, president