School Starts in Haiti August 3

Our teachers at True Hope Academy in Port au Prince will resume classes at Family Care Haiti.  What this means for CHWW is the resumption of salaries and expenses for our teachers and students.  And we need your help.

Please consider a monthly donation so we can keep our school open and give our kids a chance at a productive life.

Our school also includes the Patricia Murphy English School.  The two most important assests a young person can have in Haiti are vocational training and a knowledge of English.  English gives a child and young person a distinct advantage in Haiti society.

When a child reaches 17 year of age, they are counseled as to their vocational interest.  As funding allows, we then place them in a vocation training program through Career Hope Initiative to better equip them for post-orphanage life.

$25 a month will give a child hope for a decent life.
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C Thomas Murphy, President