The president of Haiti announced last night that two individuals were infected with the Coronavirus.  Two citizens from Belgium and France apparently brought the virus in.

What does this mean for our orphanage?  As people make a run on stores, food supplies will rapidly decrease and prices will soar.  Our already strained budget will be detrimentally effected.

Our orphanage feeds about 40 people, 3 meals a day.  As I write this, Fritz and Magalie are out shopping for food to prepare for the coming days and weeks.

Your continued financial and prayer support is vital to our survival.

If you are a monthly donor, we are grateful for your generosity and support.  We can’t continue our work without you.

If you are not yet a partner, I encourage you to consider a monthly pledge of $25.  Only 83 cents a day makes a difference in a child’s life.

C. Thomas Murphy, President
Child Hope Worldwide, Inc