My visits to Haiti are always memorable and I return to the States with a heavy heart.  The tenacity of the Haitian people is remarkable.  In the face of corruption and poverty, these people continue to find ways survive.  Single mothers, especially, struggle to feed their children.  It is heart breaking to see these hungry children hopelessly roaming the streets to find food.

Young men and women face a seemingly impossible job market. Without training, they face an uphill battle in a desperate economy.  How do they survive?  Where is their hope for a promising future?

I seem to always be begging for money.  But that’s the nature of a non-profit ministry and I am not ashamed.  I see our kids at the orphanage who are well cared for but not sure of funds for next week’s meals.  I see our young people, willing to learn and work but with no promise of opportunity.

I could just return to Pennsylvania and live out the remainder of my retirement days in comfort.  But I have a calling.  I did not choose Haiti.  God has given me a burden for these people.  Whatever it takes, I will work to help, in my small way, the children and young people of Haiti and, now, Africa.

The donations to Child Hope Worldwide Inc are not covering our expenses.  We are not meeting our monthly budget for Family Care Haiti.  We are unable to pay for vocational training for our young people through Career Hope Initiative. We are unable to help build a fish pond and a vocational training center for our partners in Africa.

Several months ago, I began asking for commitments of $25 a month for our ministry.  I realize many are on fixed incomes and $25 is a challenge.  But I truly believe that there are very few Americans who cannot afford $.83 a day to help those less fortunate.

The commands in Scripture to care for the poor are numerous.  Please consider joining us in our fight against child poverty, illiteracy and slavery.  Know that you are making a difference in the life of a hopeless individual.

To those of you who are supporting our ministry, a heart-felt “thank you”.  We are blessed by your compassion and generosity.  God sees all.

C. Thomas Murphy, president
Child Hope Worldwide, Inc