News of the fire in Kenscoff that killed 15 children in an orphanage is both unbelievable and heart-breaking.  For those us who work to save lives in Haiti, it touches the core of our very being.

According to reports, the orphanage was poorly managed and lost its permit to operate several years ago.  The fire was caused by candles being used for light due to a faulty generator.  The sponsoring organization, a church in Pennsylvania, reportedly had an income of $6.6 million to care for approximately 200 children with expenses of $2.2 million.

The UN voted on December 18, 2019 to begin closing orphanages worldwide because of corruption.  Many orphanages provide children for the sex trafficking industry.  The move is to try and re-unite children with their parents and provide financial support to the parent(s) to ensure proper care of the child. The prevailing opinion is that orphanages do more harm than good.  And while studies and professional opinions abound, the reality of abandoned children roaming the streets in search of food and a place to sleep is forever present.  These children need our help and as long as God allows, we will continue to “give hope to the hopeless”.

At Family Care Haiti, the welfare of our children is of utmost importance.  While our donations do not cover our expenses, we strive to provide a save, loving home for our kids.  Our facility is clean, our systems are in good condition and our staff is professional.  We operate openly and honestly before God.

To those of you who support our work, we are grateful.  Without you, we could not save the lives of these precious children of God.

C. Thomas Murphy, President
Child Hope Worldwide Inc