My time in Haiti has been a true blessing.  I was pensive about the news of demonstrations and unrest but, thankfully, the streets were free of riots and basically back to normal.  Merchants lined the sidewalks selling their wares as usual.  I never cease to be amazed at these tenacious people; their ability and willingness to do all that is necessary to survive.

You can buy anything on the streets.  Walmart would never make it here…too much competition.  Clothing, furniture, fruit, vegetables, phones, luggage, tires, motor oil….if you can’t find it, you don’t need it.  Vegetables are usually grown above Port au Prince on the mountainsides and brought to the streets to sell.  It’s great not to worry about vegetables being poisoned by RoundUp.  The fruits and vegetables are delicious and quite healthy.

The kids at the orphanage are happy and playful.  In spite of being out of school for 10 weeks, they continue to amuse and entertain themselves with few toys or distractions.  They have a jump rope which is the extent of their toy collection.  But do they complain about wanting the latest Barbie Doll or video game?  No.  Their exposure to modern toys has been limited, indeed, nonexistent and they are happy with what they have.  I wish every kid in America could understand and accept such a minimalistic approach to life

I fly back to PA tomorrow night.  I will miss my Haiti family which is such a large part of my life and whom I’ve grown to love….forever.

Tom Murphy